Save your time and money…

We create your design.

Deal with the companies and

Build your shop


You will send us the existing general plan in a CAD drawing or we can come for a site survey*.

General layout.

Design a plan to show all the space you have making sure that you have a fully functional shop that works great. All the work and customer areas should have the right dimensions and the right connection to each other.

Furniture design.

Use a modular counters or we can tailor-made unique furniture** to suit your brand and your customers.

Shop design.

Our fully bespoke service helps to ensure that you can get your shop designed specifically for your needs. With the right look, your customers feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed so they return again and again.

3D visual.

It is a perfect way to show the idea and functionality of your project, space and look.

3D photorealistic.*

This is the best way to see your shop come to life, before to spend money.

Logo and branding service.*

We offer a professional friendly and efficient service for branding your shop. A bespoke design created for each single client.

Detailed quotation for shop, furniture and equipment.

Before starting the implementation stage, the drawings serve as basis for the estimates and help to match the budget.

Furniture & fittings manufacturing drawing.

Develop the executive design and drawings for each piece of furniture and all the furnishings to be supplied. Carefully defining each single element down to the finest detail.

Project management.

Cokor Design are the clients’ main reference throughout the project execution. We plan and monitor every stage of the order, coordinate the activities of the different company functions and make sure that for each project the fundamental objectives are achieved. Making sure we meet the agreed technical specifications and quality standards, delivering on time and on budget.

This list is only an example of how we work. Together we can decide what it is the best service and process for your business, everything depends on the nature of your project.



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